PSA WARNING: Do Not Post your PhilID on Social Media!

The PSA or Philippine Identification System sends us a message to not post our PhilSys Card Number (PCN) and PhilSys Number (PSN) on social media. This is to avoid becoming a potential victim of illegal activities such as unauthorized use of gathered information or Identity fraud/theft.

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The PSA recently reported more than 1 Million Philippine Identification cards delivered to registered Filipinos. This is to provide a centralized identification of all citizens and resident aliens in the Philippines. Which will help validate the proof of identity to make public and private transactions simple.

do not post philippine national id card on social media

Philippine Statistics Authority Reminds Filipinos Not to Post PhilID Online!

After receiving the envelope delivered by PHLPost, PSA reminds us that the information found in the letter is confidential and should not be posted or shared to public platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.

And for transactions that are in the private or public sector such as banks and government institutions, the PhilSys Card Number (PCN) may be used if the PhilID card can’t be shown, while the PSN is only visible under the envelope which was delivered by PHLPost along with your PhilID.

As stated by PSA, this is also in accordance with Data Privacy that refers to information privacy, where it may include, personal data, confidential data, intellectual property data and etc. The use of your PhilSys Identification card should only be used by authorized organizations

Therefore, the information should not be publicly visible and should only be provided if necessary.

If you haven’t registered yet, you may click on this link and register:

You may also follow this guide if you want to get an idea about the step-by-step registration process of the PhilID – PhilSys Registration Step 1: How to Register and Book Appointment for National ID Online

Here is the post from PSA regarding this warning:

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